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Top Idea of the Moment
This is the site, you just must join! The best ever PTC site!

now keep scrolling down for more great ideas!

IMPORTANT: I currently live in Pakistan, and have been annoyed by the number of sites that are just for Americans! Unless otherwise stated ALL the sites here work for international users! Enjoy!

Paid to Surf Sites
These offer the easiest ways to make money because they don't require you to do anything you don't normally do. They include sites that download a small ticker bar to display adds and sites that pay you to search (how many times do you do that every week?!)

Top Paid to Surf Site

Homepages friends pays up to $0.05 per search...powered through Yahoo! and that's it. They get paid from Yahoo! and pass part of it on. It is totally free to join, easy to use, you are searching anyway.. so why not get paid for it!


PTC (Pay To Click) Sites
Another really easy one. Sign up and click on banner adds to get around 1C per click. Not much, but you can do 5 or 6 sites at a time so the money starts to add up.

Top PTC Site's that i trust

So this is the Best site I have Ever seen, it really does ROCK! $1.01 payouts and the best admin ever (!) Join now!

More Paid to Click sites here


Online Surveys
Many companies now use the internet to complete market research. They will pay you (often well!) for your opinions.

Top Survey Site's

Just register, do surveys and post them on your blog like I did

Online Communities

These are sites that pay you to post comments in discussions etc. Why? To get you to visit their site so they can make money via. adverts. The amount of money is also minimal, BUT if you are the kind of person who posts in Yahoo! Answers or similar why not get paid for what you are already doing for free!

Top Online Community Site

Many Handprints Money Chat

Your first 5 posts will be worth $0.05, so after 5 posts you will have 25cents, You will be paid $0.01 for each post you make, A maximum of 10 posts a day will count for payment, however that is AVERAGE 10 posts a day, so if you miss a week, you then may make 70 posts in a single day and get paid for all of them. Payout is $5 and is available on Paypal or Alertpay

Make Money Kingdom

Get paid for discussing anything! 3C for a post, 4C to start a thread - one of the highest paying communities on the internet - join now!

Platinum Lounge
They pay according to Ranks, you earn ranks by commenting and by obtaining points

New Profile -- 50 points.
Comments -- 10-50 points.
New Thread -- 50 points.
Post a Image -- 5 points.
Post a Poll -- 10 points.
Comments & Posts On Weekends -- 30-1,000 points.
Specials -- 40 to 25,000 points.
REGISTERING A FRIEND -- 25,000 points!!!
Also you can win points from MyContests and other Offers also.
There is
1 more way you can earn and that is when a Staff Member named Gorilla is online. He will award everyone high points while he is online so it could be like 20k per comment or like 99999 per comment .

They Pay 2 times a month through Paypal automatically without requesting payments

Get Paid To Post Links
No, really. It is a simple idea..but works great. Sign up below and convert any links you have on your page to a 'linkbucks link' then whenever someone clicks on the link in your page (or blog, or forum) they will either i) see the page you linked to..but with a banner add at the top, ii) be taken to an insert page for 15 seconds before being redirected to the page you linked to, or, iii) a pop-up will well pop-up...and you get paid .. great!
Still Confused ? Try clicking the following :

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

This can be done for images, links, signatures, blog links etc ^_^ you wanna link, why not make money doing it ^_^

Try it, It really Works ^_^


Paid to Click, Read & Write (3 in 1)

Matrixmails has been offering risk-free oppertunities to earn money online since 2002. Join today and to start making money!

MatrixMails - Get paid


Paid to Read
These sites are really similar to PTC sites (see above) but rather than going to a website and clicking on ads...these ads are e-mailed to you.
Of course to confirm you have read the e-mail you will have to click a link at the bottom.
Advantages of PTR is they generally pay more than PTC.


Most Matrix Systems rely on you to get referrals which is very difficult for people, but this one is not like that. Every new member that join's has a chance to come under you. Payout is $2 which can be easily reached, there are three levels of membership ( Bronze, Silver & Gold ).
Remember, because of their unique system, all members are randomly placed under existing members, so you do not need to get any referrals. BUT the more you advertise this site, the more members we get and the more money everyone will make! So its kind of like profit sharing which is Different but Original.
Their advertising packages are amazing and are better then any other that I have seen, it is a must join if you ever wanna make any serious kind of
Money Online. This is by far the Best Matrix System I have Ever Seen ^_^


Paid to Promote
Get paid to just show a banner or link to some one ^_^ now is that kool or what. Try this out it really works :)

automatical sign-up bonus $0.35 USD
- worldwide webmasters are welcome
- bi-monthly payments (2x per month) with minimum payout $2.50 to support payment processors
- huge amount of promoting ad types and formats ( banners , treasure ads , treasure keys ads , links ads , context ads , popunder ads , interstitial ads , HVT ads )
- referral program with 14% commission with separated link or banner

Broadly speaking that is true. Aside from earnings from CPM adverting, the more visitors means more chances to click on ads or sign up for your programs. So how can you get more traffic? Here is a simple and sure method to achieve just that:

Banner Exchanges and Advert exchanges A much better idea. Place banners on your site. Each time your site is viewed, your banner will appear on another site. The traffic you receive will be of much higher quality than with a traffic exchange. Advert exchanges work just the same, but rather than a banner, you exchange text adverts.

Good, 1-1 text-advert exchange

So why am I doing this? I post answers on Yahoo! and MyLot, I advertise my site, why?
Well first I really do want to help others. I found these programs and they work. There is so much rubbish on the net, I want to help you choose good sites.
But also I want to make money. When you click on the links about I get referral fees. I have made no attempt to hide the links (although I know how to do that) because I want to give you the choice. Its easy to sign up without referring me, but remember YOU don't loose anything by clicking the links above, and you'll make me real happy!
Plus I am happy to offer help and support to anyone who signs up under me. You can e-mail me at manzoor_1984@hotmail.com